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Rune Factory 3!
If you haven't checked out the ever-updating Rune Factory 3 website yet, you should definitely click over now. There have been tons of updates over the past month or two, including new characters, game features, commercials/promotions, and in-game videos - and all in an amazing layout!

Marvelous has announced they will be releasing the single of the Rune Factory 3 theme (sung by the Summer Vegetables) in Japan on November 4th. But it seems like there's no word yet on the official soundtrack. has sold the previous two DS Rune Factory games' soundtracks though, so hopefully they'll feature Rune Factory 3's as well. We'll let you guys know if/when we see it show up!

And for more Rune Factory 3, you should check out Aubergine Bianca's channel on Youtube.

She's been uploading tonnnns of Rune Factory 3 gameplay videos. You might find some of them to be spoilers though, so watch out!

And for everyone in Europe!

In other Rune Factory news, Rising Star Europe recently unveiled their 2010 line-up of games. The projected release of Rune Factory Frontier has now gone from Spring 2010 to March 2010. Now we just need an exact date. :P
Posted on 01 Nov 2009 6:06 PM by Chuck
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