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New HMOtaku Facebook Page!
Harvest Moon Otaku on Facebook

A couple of months ago, we released the HMO twitter page for those of you that use Twitter. But for our visitors and fans who have a facebook page (which I know is most of you), we're happy to announce that we now have a facebook fan page as well!

It will receive the same updates and latest site information that our twitter page sees, but it will be more interactive. Now you can show your support for HMO by commenting and participating in discussions on the new facebook page. So if you have a facebook account and would like to become a fan, simply click the "Become a Fan" button up above! :)

Posted on 09 Feb 2010 11:15 PM by Chuck
[Jukebox Update #2] - HM64!

Get ready for the nostalgia, we've got another great Harvest Moon soundtrack for you guys today. :)

This week we're releasing the classic music of Harvest Moon 64! It's been over 10 years since it came out for the N64. Since then it's grown to be regarded as one of fans' favorites in the series. Now if only they'd release it for the Wii's virtual console...

-Jukebox page-

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Posted on 06 Feb 2010 4:02 PM by Chuck
[Jukebox Update #1] - HM:SNES!

So as you guys know we released the new HMO Jukebox last week, and if you haven't seen it yet... what are you waiting for?! It came out with six HM/RF game soundtracks on it, but we promised to add a new game's soundtrack every week.

This week we've added the music of Harvest Moon: SNES! The original game that started it all is now in the jukebox; So even if you never got the chance to play it, you can at least enjoy the music right? :)

-Jukebox page-

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Posted on 30 Jan 2010 5:29 PM by Chuck
New HMOtaku Jukebox!!

Suprise! We're proud to present to you guys the Harvest Moon Otaku Jukebox!!

It's been quite some time since this site has seen a jukebox on it, but we can safely say it's been improved upon tenfold. Now you can listen to all your favorite music from the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games. The player allows you to listen to a game's album, shuffle songs, adjust the volume, and all that good stuff; but I'll let you explore it for yourself!

Right now, the jukebox features music from the 5 game's that actually have official soundtracks, along with HM:DS. But every week, from now until about April, a new Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game's album will be added to the jukebox so be sure to keep checking back over the next few months!

Hope you enjoy :)

-Jukebox page-
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Posted on 23 Jan 2010 11:41 PM by Chuck
HMO Mascots are back!
Many of you might not remember, but years ago we used to have these little guys you could download called mascots. Basically they're little characters that sit on top of your window as you browse your computer!

To make room for this fun extras page (and some future pages as well!) we've revamped the Extras tab on the site. Before when you clicked on it, it would bring you to the HMO Background Info page. But now that we might have some more extras-type of pages, we've made it into more of a menu type of deal.

So yeah, enjoy the mascots and let us know what you think!

HMO Mascots Page
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Posted on 10 Jan 2010 8:36 PM by Chuck
"Hero of Leaf Valley" new name for upcoming PSP title?

As most of you know, Harvest Moon titles come out in Japan months before the rest of the world. Until it does, we're left unsure as to what the English, German, French, etc. names for the game will be. So we simply make up our own name for it, based on a rough translation of the Japanese title!

Well for a while now, we've been referring to the upcoming 2010 PSP title as "Harvest Moon: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish". According to the ESRB rating website though, it seems like Natsume has decided on the title for the game. It hasn't been announced on Natsume's website yet, but the new name is "Harvest Moon: The Hero of Leaf Valley". I'm not sure how they got 'Leaf' from the word 'Sugar'... but here's the official statement from the ESRB website!

"This is a simulation game in which players assume the role of a young farmer who must save his village from being turned into a theme park. While accomplishing this goal, players can grow crops, ranch livestock, interact with villagers, and engage in commerce with vendors. Players can also buy various supplies, tools, food and beverages in town: milk, sautéed mushrooms, wheat wine, nut wine, french fries, fish meal, and tomato salad are all on the menu at a town café; players can consume these items, which often return stamina—the depiction is benign and in-context (i.e., there is no getting drunk in the game). During the course of the game, players can wager medals on horses that race in the tri-annual Horse Racing Festival."

Plus, a new Japanese commercial for Harvest Moon: Twin Villages (also another pending English name!) has been posted to the official site. Check it out here!

Also, just posted an insightful review of Sunshine Islands. So if you're still considering buying the game, or if you just have a few minutes to spare, click on over and read the review!

Posted on 08 Jan 2010 6:56 AM by Chuck
New Year, New Natsume
Happy New Year everyone, hope you've been enjoying it so far!

Natsume's gotten off to a great start to the decade by unveiling a newly-designed website layout. Everything looks clean and crisp and there's even a section labeled "Community"; who knows, maybe they'll open up a forum sometime soon!

But here's the latest newsletter from Natsume's president, Hiro Maekawa:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported Natsume and our titles over the past 15 years. Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to steadily grow this company in the very competitive video game industry.

We would especially like to offer our sincere appreciation to all of our loyal Harvest Moon fans for their incredible enthusiasm and continued support for this series over the past 12 years! Thanks to all of you, this uniquely nonviolent, heartfelt life simulation has grown from a niche title into a well-known series that is played and enjoyed by players of all ages!

Our company mission for the past 15 years has been and will continue to be to “Make Everyone Happy” with exciting interactive entertainment software for the entire family. For us, “everyone” is all of our customers, Natsume employees and all of the people we work with, such as our development partners, retailers, our distribution partner, financial institutions, and all of the other people who are directly or indirectly connected with Natsume and our products. We've been accomplishing our mission with family-friendly software like the Harvest Moon series and Reel Fishing, the #1 selling fishing series, for many years now.

We at Natsume are committed to continuing our mission to "Make Everyone Happy" and we hope that you’ll continue to see that attitude in every game that we publish.

Wishing “Everyone” A Happy New Year!

Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume Inc.

The redesigned -

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Posted on 03 Jan 2010 5:22 PM by Chuck
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays you guys, hope you're able to spend it with the ones you love. :)

Also, for the past month members on the forum have been creating funny little Christmas ornaments. Tithis was nice enough to put them all together on a Christmas tree - Check it out!

-Click for full size-
Posted on 25 Dec 2009 1:52 PM by Chuck

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