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HMOtaku on TV! ...5 years ago!

g4 logoWe've got a unique update for you guys today! Some of you may remember this, others may not, but either way it's fun to look back in time at the site, right? :)

So back in 2005, we were contacted on the HMOtaku forums by a representative from G4TV (the gaming channel on TV). At the time, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life had just come out and one of their TV shows wanted to do a live interview with a member of our forum about the game.

One of the HMOtaku admins at the time, Akie, agreed to do the interview. She got called up during the show to talk about the game with the show's hosts. Of course they poked fun a little bit at Harvest Moon in general, but I think we all know people that just don't understand the fun in HM games. :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy this look back in time at HMOtaku!
(Sorry for the bad video quality!)

-Link to the video-

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Posted on 30 May 2010 3:15 PM by Chuck
Fan comic - "Friends of Stick Town"!
comic 2 preview

A member of the forums, Caspis Sinclair, has recently been posting these very clever and funny comics for us all to enjoy. These comics are basically a parody of the Harvest Moon world, and include a variety of familiar Harvest Moon characters.

Right now he has finished 7 comics, which can be seen in the fan section here. They're pretty funny, and if you enjoy them make sure to stop by his thread (link below) and give him some support! :)

-His comic thread on the forum-

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Posted on 24 May 2010 6:59 PM by Chuck
Hero of Leaf Valley content updates

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying Hero of Leaf Valley so far!

I've been updating some of the content pages for the game over the last week or so - so far we have the interactive map, shops, part-time work, crops, and calendar events pages done. I'll continue updating our content for the game though, and if you'd like to help, feel free to send us an email at :)

We also just added a couple more HoLV songs to the HMO Jukebox and our Youtube page: Alice's theme and Summer theme!

Again, we're not sure of all of the song names for HoLV, so if you know any of the unnamed songs in the jukebox, shoot us an email ( :)

-Jukebox page-

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Posted on 17 May 2010 8:16 PM by Chuck
Check out these fan-covered songs!
We recently received an email from one of our new forum members, Seto. Seto's pretty good at mixing music, and has put together covers a couple of Harvest Moon songs. They're so good that we just had to feature them here on the site!

ToT - Spring theme:

ToT - Winter theme:

Seto said he used FL studio to produce the songs, trying to recreate the type of feeling of the original songs. Sounds to us like he did a pretty good job, and we hope to hear more songs from him soon!

We've also gone ahead and created a new album in the jukebox for fan-covered or fan-made songs! Right now it just features these two songs by Seto, and a few piano songs by Harvestmoonlegend, who we featured last month. But if you'd like to have your cover included in the HMO jukebox, just send us an email at :)

-Jukebox page-

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Posted on 08 May 2010 8:07 PM by Chuck
!!! Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar coming this summer !!!
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar (formerly known as "Wind Bazaar") is coming to America this summer! The game is set to release for the Nintendo DS on July 27th and is being published by Natsume as usual. This ends a month or so of speculation that the game would be published by a company called Zoo Games, as seen on Gamestop's website.

The official release comes out on Thursday, but Natsume has posted an early announcement for the game on their new forum, as well as their twitter and facebook accounts. And after Thursday, if you pre-order the game at you'll receive a limited-edition horse plushie!

Until it's release this July, we'll make sure to keep you guys updated on the game. You can check our Grand Bazaar section of the main site for more information, and expect to see the Grand Bazaar album added to the Jukebox soon too. ;)

Also - Click here if you're interested in writing content for HoLV!

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Posted on 05 May 2010 7:29 PM by Chuck
Help Wanted - Content writing for Hero of Leaf Valley!
Hey everyone!

With the release of Hero of Leaf Valley last week, we've been starting to write content for the game. We don't have too much up at the moment, but keep checking back as we'll be posting more soon. But for now, you can check out the new interactive town map! :)

Writing content takes a lot of time though, and only one of our staff members is currently playing the game. SO, if you'd be interested in writing some original content for the game for HMOtaku, we'd love to talk with you! And there are perks to it - email us at hmocontent@gmail for more information! ;)

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Posted on 04 May 2010 10:59 PM by Chuck
It's Hero of Leaf Valley day!!
The day has finally arrived, Hero of Leaf Valley is officially in stores now!

The newest PSP addition to the Harvest Moon family is now on sale across America. So if you're interested, stop by your local Gamestop, electronics retailer or online and pick up the game. For an extra $14, you can also purchase the official strategy guide. Unfortunately, there was no pre-order plushie that came along with this game though. :(

If you have any questions about the game or would like to just chat about it with some fellow HM fans, be sure to stop by the forum!

Hope you all enjoy the game, let us know what you think of it!

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Posted on 28 Apr 2010 3:55 AM by Chuck
Real life Harvest Moon kitties!

This may look like just another cute Youtube video of a couple cats wrestling each other. Well technically it is, but these kitties are special. Their names are Kuro and Shiro and they're the new pets of Yasuhiro Wada, Harvest Moon creator and former Creative Director at Marvelous Entertainment.

In a recent interview with, the Harvest Moon creator said that, "they’re about 10 months old. They’re still kids, so they’re really naughty." Another couple videos of them can be found on his Youtube channel here. :)

And if you remember, the cat seen in some Harvest Moon games such as A Wonderful Life and HM:DS was also black. Perhaps the color of Wada's new kitties is no coincidence!

-Siliconera story

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Posted on 27 Apr 2010 2:05 AM by Chuck

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