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Harvest Moon: ANB wins an award!

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning won an award! RPGamer gave it the Guilty Pleasure award. To be honest, I'm not so stoked about the award itself but hey at least we won something - so yay! laughing

To read more and check out the other winners of 2012 click over here.

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Posted on 02 Feb 2013 3:23 AM by Jack
XSeed to Bring Rune Factory 4 Stateside

XSEED To Bring Rune Factory 4 To The West

XSEED Games announced today through Facebook that it will be publishing Rune Factory 4 in the western hemisphere and created an official fan page for the game. This is the second Rune Factory title that Natsume will not be publishing in the west, with the first being Rune Factory: Frontier.

They have also made a Rune Factory page that you can see here!

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Posted on 01 Feb 2013 1:08 AM by Shadownami92
Grand Bazaart!
Hey everyone! It's our SECOND Artsy Monday! We somehow missed last week's Artsy Monday but we'll try to make it up with the awesome artworks we found for this week.

We have some great Grand Bazaar artwork for you all!

"Hansel's winter outfit" - Why isn't he wiping his nose?

"We are bffs" - Antoinette and Sherry

"You are my sunshine" - Isn't she adorable?

This is made by Jinnikukan from Tumblr. You guys should check out more of her art here and here.

Do let us know if you think an artwork should be featured. Have a great week!

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Posted on 29 Jan 2013 2:35 AM by Jack
Our first Artsy Monday!
Mondays are terrible for most people and we're going to try and make it better, so like we promised a while ago, we'll be sharing some really great artworks made by the fans of the franchise.

Isn't awesome? This art was made by neosorcerer over on deviantART. You can check out the rest of his amazing art here.

The realism of this artwork really pulls you in. We give this two thumbs up!


We were up to 17 tips for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. There are more! :O

Tip #18: Three Jet Black Fragments unlocks a blueprint for a house filled with stuffed animals. Who could live there...?
Tip #19: There's almost 100 outfits for your character to wear. Every marriage candidate has their own clothing preference, so dress to impress!
Tip #20: Sometimes you need multiple townspeople working together to unlock a special item. Do you have the Princess haircut yet?
Tip #21: Upgrading your fields will give you an extra couple days into the next season to finish growing and harvesting crops.
Tip #22: Plant the same type of seeds in a single soil plot.

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Posted on 15 Jan 2013 3:17 AM by Jack
Happy New Year From HMOtaku!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great Christmas as well! Anybody get any Harvest Moon games from Santa? We would like to thank everyone for your support this year and we hope to ramp and next year with more updates and Harvest Moon information for everyone to enjoy!

Like we promised... Here are some more tips for Harvest Moon: ANB brought to you by Natsume!

Tip #11: The forecast is fickle, and may vary slightly from the newspaper's predictions.
Tip #12: Mining is hard. You'll probably want a doctor living in town before you try case you hurt yourself!
Tip #13: There is no 13th tip. Alice is superstitious.
Tip #14: There are 5 total Town Restoration plans. All will need Small Branches in some way, so don't chop them all!
Tip #15: Every animal has a maximum life span. Breeders haven't figured out the "magic" for yaks and llamas yet; you'll simply have to buy them!
Tip #16: Some blueprints are broken up into three fragments throughout the world. These blueprints create unique items, including a Jetpack!
Tip #17: Rod's selection of pets broadens after each Restoration plan is complete. Check back to see his new inventory!

Also comic artist, Katie Tiedrich, makes hilarious video-game themed comics on her site Awkward Zombie

Recently she has been playing some Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. You can check out the first of her recent HM comics here below:

To see her most recent Harvest Moon comic, check it out on her site here.

That's all for now! See everyone in the New Year!

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Posted on 01 Jan 2013 4:24 AM by Shadownami92
The cow returns!

That's right! The BIG cow is back! The Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Anniversary Edition with premium plush cow returns to the Natsume Online Store ( for a limited time. Sale ends December 14th at 12pm PST.

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Posted on 06 Dec 2012 6:44 AM by Jack
Tips for Harvest Moon: ANB!

Wow. So a lot of people are saying Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is the best Harvest Moon game that they played in a long time. Since it's such a big hit, Natsume decided to give out a few helpful tips that might come in handy if you're playing this game.

Tip #1: You can water crops twice a day to make them grow faster! A plot will "dry up" after about 10 hours.
Tip #2: The minimum amount you need to water a crop is once every second day. It will grow very slowly.
Tip #3: Grass doesn't need to be watered. It's also an easy way to make some fast G when you're saving up!
Tip #4: Even if you're not "into the ladies," it's smart to woo Iroha. She'll gift you upgraded tool Blueprints if she likes you~
Tip #5: You could give Neil milk, but fodder's cheaper and he likes it just as much. Even if you're not wooing him, he has some cool animal-related gifts if he likes you~
Tip #6: Emma ships your products and is the mother of an absent villager. Befriend her to encourage her child to move home.
Tip #7: Grass (Fodder) counts as a crop. Chickens count as animals. Both will come in handy~
Tip #8: Befriend Neil for some awesome animal-related blueprints. Tending & moving livestock will be a breeze!
Tip #9: You can unlock both floor and wall decorations for your home. The only question remains which villager has each pattern~
Tip #10: Need someone to socialize with late at night? Soseki and the Witch Princess are both night owls, staying up past midnight.

More to come? We don't know yet, but we'll keep you posted!

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Posted on 28 Nov 2012 8:39 PM by Jack
How good is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning?

For those who are wondering if they should get this game or how well it did, we have compiled a list of reviews - and it seems to be doing pretty great, actually!

1. Gamedynamo
2. Crunchyroll
3. IGN
4. RPGamer

Do let us know what you think about it!

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Posted on 21 Nov 2012 8:23 PM by Jack

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