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Rising Star Trailer Features RFF
If you didn't know, Rising Star is like Natsume: a video game publishing company---except it's for Europe and Australia.

They recently released a trailer featuring a bunch of games they're planning on dishing out in 2009.

Watch it here! -- Rune Factory Frontier is the third one, right after Muramasa: Demon Blade and Steal Princess. Then afterwards they had Little King's Story and Avalon Code. They all look so niceee! Check it out. :D
Posted on 05 Dec 2008 10:05 PM by Xief
"First Impressions" of RF2
Lots of RF2 articles coming out these days. :) Jenni from Siliconera wrote one on her first impressions of Rune Factory 2, where she specifically describes the first generation of the game. (For those of you who didn't know, in RF2 you can play first as the main character, and then as your child: the second generation.)

Yep. Overall she mainly had good things to say about it. Read it here!
Posted on 05 Dec 2008 5:49 AM by Xief
ToT & RF2 Review, RFF Vid & Preview
Hey guys. Just a few updates from the past few days.

Tree of Tranquility Review. For anyone who's interested, ToT got a 72/100 for its NGamer review.

Rune Factory 2 Review. reviewed RF2. :] Overall they gave it a 4.1/5, which is pretty good. It's a fairly thorough review, so anyone who's still thinking about getting the game should check it out.

Rune Factory Frontier vid. This one's from a couple days ago: Gametrailers got the RFF opening animation up for viewing. It's all very pretty so if you haven't watched it already, go see.

RFF Preview. IGN just wrote up a preview for RFF as well. Read it here.

Alright, that's it for now. :] Thanks you guys!
Posted on 04 Dec 2008 6:07 PM by Xief
EAM Wallpapers!
Quick update - The Exciting Animal March website put up some new wallpapers! They feature the Wizard, Witch, Anise, and Won.

We're still working on getting our gallery up and running, but for now you guys can check out the images below:

Just let us know if you'd like a different resolution version of the pictures!
Posted on 02 Dec 2008 5:17 AM by Chuck
Wind Bazaar Site Updates!
Hey everyone! It looks like the Wind Bazaar website has just been rolling in updates recently.

A family of 4 characters have been added to the list of the game's city residents. The father, Isaac, works on the Windmill along his wife Nerine. Their two daughters, shown right, are named Sigyn and Laramie.

There's a new gameplay video too, showcasing some of the farm animals. Apparently you're not the only one that can jump in the game; So can your dogs! That's reason enough to check out the video, right? Here's the link!

We're also hoping to have more of these new characters' translated descriptions and art for you guys soon. Check back for those sometime near the end of the week! :)
Posted on 30 Nov 2008 1:53 AM by Chuck
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi guys! We at HMOtaku just want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. (And to those in Canada, I missed you guys. SORRY.)

Thanks for staying with us. I pray your holidays are very blessed.
Posted on 27 Nov 2008 11:00 AM by Xief
RFF Kids, Extensions, Items; WB Freya
Hii. First, just to let you know, we added another character to the WB Marriage page (in the sidebar under "Recently Updated"). Her name is Freya and she's one of the marriageable girls. Check it out!

Second, they just updated the Rune Factory Frontier official site.

Children. In RF2, you can play as your child. Not sure if the same happens here, but you can have a boy or a girl, and it's at least confirmed that they'll grow from infants all the way to toddlers and follow you around and stuff. :] Cute. The picture to the right is artwork of your potential babies. I'll get around to putting up ...
Posted on 27 Nov 2008 10:41 AM by Xief
WB Characters & Art are up!
Hey guys! :]

There hasn't been a lot of HM news these past few days, but we got some Wind Bazaar characters figured out for you!! We have art, descriptions, and even a quote for a lot of them.

Normal Characters
Female Hero -- She's the one you see to the right.
Male hero
Felix, the town mayor

Male Candidates
Agi, an artist
Deiruka, a boy
Yurisu, his older brother
Lloyd, a merchant

Female Candidates
Anemone, hotel staff
Enju, Erich's daughter
Sherufa, Felix's daughter

The links to the pages are in the Recently Updated section of the sidebar to the right. Click them! You'll find all the artwork and character descriptions we were able to dig up.

Posted on 25 Nov 2008 9:49 PM by Xief

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