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Marvelous Mysterious Countdown?
Marvelous is the Japanese publisher for Harvest Moon, in case anyone didn't know. Well, they just put up one of those mysterious countdown pages for a secret game. This may not even have anything to do with HM at all, but I just thought you guys might like to see it since it's, well, mysterious. :O

There's a screenshot of what's on their page. Click here to see the actual webpage!
Posted on 14 Jan 2009 1:21 PM by Xief
RFF Preview
IGN did a preview for Rune Factory Frontier. They said good things about it: the anime cutscenes are apparently very high quality. Also, the dungeons are held in a giant whale island above the sky. Isn't that cool?

Check it out. They also have tons of screenshots in there for you.
Posted on 13 Jan 2009 10:15 PM by Xief
XSEED Confirms RFF
In case you didn't know, Xseed is the company in charge of the North American release of Rune Factory Frontier. :) They just confirmed for us that it shouldn't be coming out too long after February. Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, and we have all the characters for the upcoming game, Exciting Animal March, up on the site. The links are in the sidebar under "Recently Updated." :]
Posted on 13 Jan 2009 1:17 AM by Xief
More WB Characters Translated
Hey. Just letting you know that we got more Wind Bazaar character descriptions translated. :] We've added Sonia and Stewart, the old couple that runs the hotel, along with Schmidt, one of the marriage candidates, and this guy named Mucho---a funny-looking short Hispanic guy.

You can see the links in the sidebar to the Marriage and Characters pages. :]
Posted on 10 Jan 2009 7:00 AM by Xief
WB Video, Wallpaper
Food Festival!. For some reason they put up an 11th Wind Bazaar video; it seemed like they were only planning on 10. This one is cute. Everyone made different desserts and Pierre is critiquing all of them. :]

Wallpaper! They made us another Wind Bazaar wallpaper. :D It's pretty.

Posted on 09 Jan 2009 9:50 PM by Xief
SV Charas, Wallpapers; WB being used to promote coffee creamer?
There are new characters out for Sugar Village (& Everyone's Wish). We haven't gotten their official descriptions translated yet, but so far their names are Alice, Charles, and Dojison(?).

By the looks of it, they probably work for the company that's trying to tear down your island and turn it into a resort. Alice is the leader, and Charles and the other guy---the one to your right---are her two bodyguards. They look pretty haughty, don't you think?

They also put out two wallpapers for you guys. Click the thumbnails below:

Lastly, did you know Marvelous is in correspondence with ...
Posted on 08 Jan 2009 9:38 AM by Xief
WB New Year's Art
Aww, you guys! Look! They made a similar one for us for Wind Bazaar too! :)

Posted on 06 Jan 2009 9:18 PM by Xief
Hey you guys! Look at the Exciting Animal March picture they drew for us for New Year's. ^___^

Isn't it cute?
Posted on 05 Jan 2009 2:13 PM by Xief

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