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Europe RF Release Delayed
Yep. Rising Star, the publisher for HM games for Europe, just updated their release list and Rune Factory got pushed back to the 28th instead of the 13th. :( Boo.
Posted on 16 Feb 2009 9:54 PM by Xief
WB Video; EAM Stuff
Hi guys. :)

WB Video. They came out with a 15th video for Wind Bazaar today. It's a snowboarding tournament! Check it out.

Arts and Crafts! Okay guys, this is really interesting. On the page for Exciting Animal March, they actually put up instructions on how to make a paper Alan---you know, the red Harvest Sprite? Isn't that cute?

You can see a picture of the finished product on the right. The instructions are contained in 2 pdf files, so make sure you can open those. Everything is written in Japanese, but you can still look at the pictures and attempt to figure out what's going on.

I uploaded them for you guys. :] Download them on the links below.

Posted on 14 Feb 2009 1:29 AM by Xief
SV Update!
Hey, there's been an update for Sugar Village again. :) Look, it's Gina!

Gina!! Do you guys remember her? She worked in the villa in Save the Homeland. She's back as a marriageable girl in this game. You can see a short video of her in the link---again, underneath her character description.

Other Characters. They also re-added Ronald and Martha. Ronald ran the general store that you'd go and sell things to, and Martha also worked in the villa along with Gina.

Cute Video. They uploaded a video for the wedding scene between you and Sarah, if that's who you choose to marry. You guys, this is a really cute video. And Sarah looks so pretty! Check it out. It's at the bottom of the page.

Wallpaper. They also added another Sugar Village wallpaper featuring Sarah and Lyla. It's pretty.

Posted on 13 Feb 2009 1:43 AM by Xief
[!!] New HM ??; SV Characters, Wallpapers, Videos
Hey guys. Sorry about the delay. We were having technical problems for a couple days.

HM: "Frantic Farming"? What's this? It's on Gamefly's list. Is it (ANOTHER) a new HM game?

Dia! Look, it's Dia! She's the girl who lived in the villa in Save the Homeland. She's back in Sugar Village as a marriageable candidate. She has a video available under her character description in the link.

Carpenters. They also added the carpenters as official characters. Remember Kurt, Joe, and Woody? Here they are: Hayato, Shin, Woody. I can't be sure if the names will remain the same as in Save the Homeland. ...
Posted on 06 Feb 2009 2:15 PM by Xief
New WB Video + RFF and EAM Strategy Guides
Hey everyone, sorry it's been a little while! We have a few bits of news to bring you guys though.

WB Video #14 - The next of the WB videos have been posted recently. In this one, Schmidt looks on as little Kevin has a conversation with sisters Shigyun and Laramie. Schmidt seems pretty lonely. :(

Also for anyone interested, the strategy guides for both Rune Factory Frontier and Exciting Animal March have just been announced!

The Rune Factory guide includes a whopping 228 pages of farming tips, dungeon maps, villager schedules, etc. and is set to release on February 6th. The Exciting Animal March guide will be available to order later in May. Both however are only available in Japan... but hey, if you can read them and can have 'em shipped internationally then more power to you. :) Check out the rest of the RFF guide details here, and here for the EAM guide. If nothing else, you can atleast look at the nice covers, right?
Posted on 31 Jan 2009 3:23 AM by Chuck
WB Video, SV Stuffs
WB Video. They put up a 13th video for Wind Bazaar earlier today. This is one of Freya's heart scenes. She looks so much younger than in her official art!

MECHA CROW. Remember that mechanic crow from the earlier update? Well, we got its description translated. His name is Mecha Crow! Yay! Mecha Crow is basically an airplane that was made by Charles, one of Alice's bodyguards (the group of people who are aiming to turn your home into a resort), so they'll travel in it sometimes.

Mecha Scarecrow! Alright, so we have Mecha Crow---and this is.. Mecha Scarecrow? The screenshot to the right shows the main character standing in front of it, but it hasn't been revealed exactly what Mecha Scarecrow is for. :O

Oh, and apparently the mining thing from the earlier update wasn't really any sort of puzzle. It's just regular mining with your hammer like always, except they made the ores really pretty this time.

Lastly, we just got some more content pages up for the upcoming games Wind Bazaar and Sugar Village. :) Check it out; the links are in the sidebar.
Posted on 24 Jan 2009 4:21 AM by Xief
Big SV Update !
Hey you guys. We just got a big update for Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish. :)

Lyla! Yup, she's going to be a marriageable girl in Sugar Village, for any of you that were wondering. We'll try to have her description out soon, but you can see the pic of her to the right. :]

Sarah Video. Remember the other character Sarah---i.e., Gwen from STH? They put up a video for her! She slaps the main character in it. :] You'll see the "Play" button if you click the link; it'll be underneath her character description.

Main Chara Video. They also added a similar video for the hero of the game. It features the Harvest Sprites having a conference and then approaching him about it. :] Again, the Play button is below his character description in the link.

Mining Puzzle? We haven't figured out ...
Posted on 23 Jan 2009 6:15 AM by Xief
WB Wallpaper & Vid; HM Starter Kit
12th WB Vid. They added a 12th video for Wind Bazaar. :) This one is about Lloyd's heart events. Check it out!

HM Starter Kit. Also, apparently's "Deal of the Day" is this Harvest Moon "starter kit"! Isn't that adorable? It comes with HM-themed skins for your DS and HM-themed tags and everything.

WB Wallpaper. There's a new Wind Bazaar wallpaper out. :) It's pretty.

Posted on 18 Jan 2009 8:59 PM by Xief

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