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Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

Developer: Marvelous Interactive Software
Distributor: Natsume
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective
ESRB Rating: [E] for Everyone (ages 6+)

Release Dates:
February 21, 2008 (Japan)
November 10, 2009 (United States)

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-Purchase strategy guide: Amazon, Play-asia, Gamestop

Other Information: This seems to be a sequel to Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. Not much is known about it yet. In fact, Island of Happiness hasn�t even come out yet! That said, we probably can�t expect this game out for a very, very long time.

As said, not much info has come out about it yet (at least, none that�s easy to translate), but the game takes place in the Himawari Island Chain, a chain of five islands. This is all within visible range of Hinata Island�the location of the last game, HM Island of Happiness. Each island is different. Your farm has one island all to itself. The two islands to the south are where you �lead your life, buy supplies, and go out on dates.� The west island is used for festivals and events, and the east island is where you go for Wi-Fi item exchange and voice chat. Additionally, there are also secret islands that you can unlock, too. Wild animals will also be there.

Coming soon!

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