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Nintendo Direct - Connect to new world trailer!

Watch it here.

- You can now have visitors on your farm from other players. There is an example of the other player MC appearing in your game as villagers. The other players can help you care for your animals and crops.
- Safari includes penguins, elephants, boars, bears, birds (oh I know the name of that bird shown, but I can't remember it!), polar bears
- New female marriage candidate shown = Menou (メノウ). Appears to be the manager of the whole Safari system.
- Brown Jersey cow, suffolk sheep, and llama was also shown. Confirmed animals.
- Can trade items with other players
- Collaboration with Nintendo's Mario. You can grow super mushrooms, fire flowers, and invincibility stars on your farm. The star appears to (possibly) fertilizer your crops and the fire flower clears your fields of dead crops.


Also, anyone remember the guy in purple?

This game looks AWESOME. I absolutely cannot wait for it to come out. If you've missed our tumblr update on some of the new characters, click here.

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