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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Developer: Marvelous Interactive Software
Distributor: Natsume
System: Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective
ESRB Rating: [E] for Everyone (ages 6+)

Release Dates:
November 10, 2005 (Japan)
March 28, 2006 (United States)

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You�ve arrived at the tiny town of Flowerbud Village in response to the mayor�s "Exciting Plan:" He�ll give away farmland to anyone who wants it! Upon arrival, you have an odd dream about a goddess, three harvest sprites, and a strange purple-haired person who wears western-style clothing. It appears as though the Goddess, saddened by the fact that people no longer seem thankful, turns to stone. The purple-haired person, Jamie, is determined to find a way to bring her back to normal.

After finding out that you can see them, too, the Harvest Sprites ask for your help in restoring the goddess back to normal. To do so, you must collect the "Notes of Happiness." With the ability to play as a boy or a girl, choose the location and layout of your house, twenty characters available for marriage (ten boys, ten girls), the appearance of many characters from previous games, a rival farmer, new crops, new features, and more, this is one game no HM fan should pass up!

Collecting Notes
Moving In

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