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Part-Time Work

In addition to buying an selling goods at shops around town, many of these shops also offer you part-time work. It's a good way to build your relationships with people around town and gain some extra money too!

Taking care of animals

Where: Bob's Ranch Store
When: 8:00AM-5:00PM (except Thursdays)
Pay: 50G per hour, milk (S), Free horse

At Bob's Ranch you can look after his cow and horses. You can increase your friendship with Bob and learn how to take care of your own animals. Bob pays you on an hourly rate, and you can work from sunrise to sundown. So if you stay long enough you can make over a 1000G in one day (after selling the milk)! Also, if you do enough work for him, Bob will give you a horse for free! Sometime between Summer 2nd and 6th, Bob will stop by your farm and offer you a horse. The horse you get is determined by which one you've brushed the most.

Lumberjack for Woody

Where: Carpentry
When: 9:00AM-2:00PM (except Tues./Thurs.)
Pay: 200G, wood, and any mushrooms you find

Woody needs some extra help chopping wood at the carpentry (despite Joe and Kurt already working there). After working here 5 times, Woody will have enough wood chopped for the carpentry and he'll let you into the area to chop wood (that you keep!) whenever you want.

Looking after Ronald's chickens

Where: Grocery Store
When: 8:00AM-3:00PM (except Sunday)
Pay: 180G, free egg

Ronald needs some help taking care of his chickens because he's busy all day working at the grocery store. You can spend a few hours a day looking after his chickens and he'll pay you and give you free egg. This egg can be valuable early in the game because you can take it back and place it in the incubator at your farm. This let's you avoid having to buy your first chicken from Bob's Ranch Store!

Cooking for the Clove Villa

Where: Clove Villa
When: 10:00AM-3:00PM (except weekends)
Pay:250G (50G if failed), free ingredients

Martha needs some extra help in the kitchen, so during weekdays you can act as a chef for her. This let's you gain valuable cooking experience, and after your work you can take extra ingredients back home.

Mining ore

Where: The Mine
When: 9:00AM-1:00PM (except weekends)
Pay: 250G, ore that you find

Help Rudolph mining at the dig site any weekday for a few hours. You're allowed to keep any mineral crystals that you find (not precious ore), plus Rudolph pays you an additional 250G. Also, if you work here 4 times, you will be free to dig at the mine at your leisure.

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Part-Time Work

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