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-Around Town-
1. Your Farm

Where your farm, your house, and your field are located. If you have chickens or cows, make sure you visit your barn and coop each day.

2. Item and Flower shops

In this area, you can find both Louis' Item Shop and Lyla's Flower Shop. The item shop mostly sells tools, while the flower shop sells all kinds of seeds that you can plant on your farm.

3. Starling Ranch (Bob's Ranch Supplies)

The Starling Ranch is owned by Bob and his younger brother Tim. Bob has a shop here that sells chickens, cows, and horses, as well as various livestock supplies. Gwen usually hangs around here too.

4. Grocery Store

Ronald's grocery store buys and sells random food items that may be cooked.

5. Plaza

The plaza is similar to the town square in other Harvest Moon games, and is in the center of the Valley. In phase 2, the abandoned shop can be set up here by Zann.

6. Horse Track entrance

You can only enter the horse track area during the seasonal Horse Racing events that occur in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

7. Cafe

At the cafe you can find Katie during the day, and Wallace at night when the cafe turns into a bar.

8. Woody's Carpentry

Woody, Joe, and Kurt live here, where you can purchase expansions for your house/farm.

9. Clove Villa

Clove Villa is the mansion where Dia, Gina, and Martha live.

10. Crystal Bay beach

This beach is a popular fishing area and the site for some festivals.

11. Pike Mountain

This area is a great for foraging and many villagers go hiking through here.

12. Mallard Lake

A popular fishing site, Mallard lake is also home to Chester's Church and an underground area. This underground area becomes available after completing the 14th Event path with Chester.

13. Goddess Spring

By throwing crops into the Goddess Spring on clear/cloudy days, The Harvest Goddess will appear to grant you a wish.

14. Mine

At the mining site you can dig for all kinds of gems, and Rudolph can be found here. It's next to the Funland Company's lodge.

15. Sacred Land

This mysterious area becomes available after completing Event path 2 with Dia. There's a small crop field at its center.

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