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Items & Accessories

Some of the following content is based (with permission) on the Hero of Leaf Valley Guide written by Clara Andari, Copyright (C)2010.

  • Crops/flowers info - see our crops page.

  • Mined items info - see our mining page.

  • Fish info - see our fishing page.

  • Shop items from the Grocery store/Cafe/Bar - see our shops page.

Power Berries

There are 4 power berries that your dog can get for you in the game, all of which increase your max stamina (+20) and max Fatigue (+10). However, you'll have to have a trained dog to begin locating these special items - for information on locating power berries with your dog, see the animals page.


The power berries will be located randomly in one of four of the locations listed below:

  • Flower/Item Shop area - Left of the flower bed by Lyla's store
  • Grocery Store area - Mound of earth in front of the store (between 2 trees)
  • Car/Cafe area - Near tree north of the area
  • Goddess Spring area - By the two trees in the middle of the area, near bridge
  • Pike Mountain area - Center of the area
  • Pike Mountain area - Top of the stairs
  • Woody's Carpentry - Near stairs, center of map
  • Woody's Carpentry - Near the right-hand set of stairs
  • Clove Villa - Tree at the top of the stairs
  • Plaza - Left of the Flower/Item shop sign

Map (interactive)


Bachelorettes & Marriage

Part-Time Work

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