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Fishing Spots

There are a number of fishing spots around Leaf Valley. Some are available from the beginning of the game, but some may need to be unlocked by following a certain event path. For help finding these locations, check out our interactive map of Leaf Valley.

Crystal Bay beach
It's the beach area of the Valley, so you can catch saltwater fish here. You can get to the beach from Clove Villa.

Mallard Lake
Mallard lake is found to the north of the Bar/Cafe and is open from the beginning of the game. Walk down the staircase near the Church to get to the water.

Harvest Goddess Spring
The Harvest Goddess Spring is available from the beginning of the game, but you'll notice a large boulder blocking off some area. Beyond this rock is a lake that's great for fishing. To get the rock to go away, you'll need to have Ponta make 10 fish prints for you. For more info on fish prints, see the Ponta section below.

Underground Lake
The underground lake is found in the mine, and you can access it by taking the right path at the first intersection. To unlock this area, you'll need to have Ponta make 20 fish prints for you. For more info on fish prints, see the Ponta section below. Keep in mind though that time flows at a normal pace in this part of the Mine.

How to Fish

Fishing in Hero of Leaf Valley is different than in past HM games - there's more to it that just tapping a button to cast and tapping it again to reel in a fish. There's a bit more strategy/skill involved, including how far out to cast and how deep you'd like your hook to go in the water.

The first thing you'll have to do is approach some body of water while holding your fishing rod. Once you're ready, press 'Square' and you'll see a target appear in the water. You can move this target around until you like the spot it's in, and then press 'X'. Now a little meter will pop up on the right side of your screen which will allow you to select the depth of your cast. You'll notice that the meter will display where the fish are located in the water. As the sliding bar moves up and down you need to stop it, by pressing 'X', right where fish are.

After waiting for a little while, you may hook a fish - now you just have to reel it in. A bigger circle will appear around where you cast from and a mini-game will start. A smaller circle will move outward from the center of where the fish is, towards this bigger circle. Once the smaller circle meets and overlaps the bigger circle, you must press 'X'. You'll have to successfully press 'X' a number of times as the two circles overlap in order to reel in the fish. If you unsuccessfully time it too many times the fish will swim away.

Rods and Bait


Before you can begin fishing, you'll need to have a fishing rod. You can buy your first fishing rod from Louis's Item Shop for 600G. You'll soon realize though that this fishing rod is fairly limiting to the kind of fish that it can catch, so you'll want to upgrade when you can. The better fishing rods allow you to catch bigger/rarer fish and have a lower chance of catching trash.

The first upgraded fishing rod you can get is called the Super Fishing Rod. You can buy this upgrade for 1800G + a silver ore at Louis's Shop.

The third, final, and best fishing rod in the game is the Hyper DX Fishing Rod (Kurt's Fishing Rod). You can either buy this rod for 5400G + a gold ore or follow event path 9, The Tale of the Silver Fish and receive Kurt's Fishing Rod for free.


Many times when you fish, you'll end up snagging some trash which you'll have to throw back. This can be frustrating, but there is a way to avoid catching any trash - use special bait. Special Fishing Bait is used in the water you're about to fish in to ensure that you won't catch any trash. There are a couple of ways to obtain this special bait:

  • Horse Racing:Win the Long-distance horse racing event and you'll receive a Special Fishing Bait Maker. All you do is put lumber into the machine and it produces the special fishing bait.
  • The Harvest Sprites: If you give mushroooms (not truffles) to the Harvest Sprites, they'll give you Special Fishing Bait in return. To get mushrooms, see the mushrooms section on the crops page.


If you plan on getting into fishing at all, there's one person/animal you need to get to know - Ponta. He's the lovable raccoon from the River King game series, making a cameo in Leaf Valley as your fishing friend.

Ponta absolutely loves fish and it's a good idea to give him some of yours, especially when you catch a new one. He can either give you a new fish recipe or a fish print of whatever fish you give him. It's important to gather these fish prints so you can access better fishing areas like the Harvest Goddess Spring and the Underground Lake.

  • Getting 10 fish prints from Ponta will unlock the Goddess Spring area
  • Getting 20 fish prints from Ponta will unlock the Underground Lake area

Fish Information

There are tons of different fish, sea creatures, and other items you can catch around the Valley.

In the table below, we've detailed everything you need to know about fish in the game. This includes their selling price, the season/location you can catch them, and whether a fishprint can be made from it.

The depth and difficulty categories work together - You'll notice that each depth for each fish is related to a certain difficulty. This just shows you how hard it might be to catch the fish at certain depths of water.


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