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Harvest Moon Otaku Mascots are back! If you are wondering what a mascot is, it's a little character that you can interact with, and it sits on the top of your windows. Before you can download a mascot, you have to download the Otaku Mascots program which is free and only takes a minute to download. But sadly, since it's a .exe file, it's not supported by macs. The people over at otakuworld haven't released a mac-compatible version. :(

Download here: Otaku World: Mascot Program
(If you're curious about where the file comes from, you can check out the Otaku Mascots site here!)

After downloading the exe file into your computer, double-click on it to start the installation process. Once it is installed, open the program. Now just download a mascot (seen below) somewhere in your computer.

After you download the mascot open up your files and double-click on the mascot file you downloaded below. If you have the Otaku Mascot program open, your new mascot will now be sitting on the top of your window you are currently using.

You can also create your own mascots by using the "Otaku Mascot Editor" program that comes with the download. If you'd like to donate a harvest moon mascot to HMO, please email the file to us at!

Oh, and you can head over to the forum to discuss HMO mascots and the Otaku Mascot program. Enjoy! :)

Mascots (Newest First)

Selena by Silly Crayon
It's Selena from Harvest Moon: ToT and AP! She gets frustrated when you don't pay attention to her, but blushes and giggles when you click her.

Download : Selena.mascot (370.5kb)


Maya by Sammy G.
This mascot of Maya sits right on your window, changing her expression as you browse!

Download : Maya2.mascot (150.3kb)


Kai by Sammy G.
Kai's upper body sits on your windows, responsive to your click!

Download : kai.mascot (122.2kb)


Karen by Clay Wendt
Clay really outdid himself with this one. Probably the better of our mascots, Karen has a variety of responses to your click and the animation looks great!

Download : karen.mascot (260kb)


Popuri by Clay Wendt
A bit larger than the other mascots in size, but really interactive and well-done.

Download : popuri.mascot (307kb)


Muffy by kyledove
A must have if you're a Muffy fan! Kyledove did a nice job with it, she even gets sad if you don't click on her for a while. : (

Download : muffy.mascot (16.6kb)


Cow Walk by
Also from Moo!'s creator. Similar to Moo!, but it walks too!

Download : cowwalk.mascot (16.6kb)


Moo! by
Try click on the cow... it moos!

Download : moo.mascot (15.9kb)


AWL Dog by Rancher
The first HMO mascot, fairly simple :D

Download : dog.mascot (4kb)

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