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If you're new to HMOtaku or our forums, you probably don't know much about us. Hopefully this page will help you better understand our history.

The Beginning

Harvest Moon Otaku has never been a single entity. It has been constantly changing since it's inception. The site began as a collaborative effort between admins of several Harvest Moon fan sites. These admins were Akie (Ranchstory), Exile (Harvest Moon City), Hatty (Harvest Moon Online), HMGamer (Harvest Moon Place), Jenn (Moondrop), and Rancher (HM-Resource). HMOtaku was formed in Fall of 2003 and would eventually become one of the largest Harvest Moon communities on the web.

HMOtaku enjoyed a nice run. In 2006, Rancher and the group of admins that originally came together became unable to maintain the site. In Fall 2006, the original admins met one last time before cutting the cord on HMOtaku and letting the site die. At this point, many members of HMOtaku were surprised. Some left to join other HM communities such as hmfarm, fogu, and a revived Ranchstory. Many others however still hoped that someone would bring back HMOtaku.

Dearly Beloved

Zazabar, our current techie, stepped up to the plate to take a swing late in 2006. He created a website for the people who had all originally joined HMOtaku, a community for the people to gather. Dearly Beloved, as the site was called, had clans, an RPG, and a similar forum structure to the ones we have now. However, it wasn't Harvest Moon themed. This may have been why after half a year, less and less people seemed to be visiting Dearly Beloved.

HMOtaku V2

In April of 2007, Rancher came back. He wanted to try his hand once more at making HMO the best Harvest Moon site on the web. He got together with Xief, and they began work on a new HMOtaku site together, using old information (including the original domain) and even bringing back the old forums! Eventually Dearly Beloved's community made the transition back to Harvest Moon Otaku's community.

HMOtaku V3

As time went on, Rancher wasn't able to maintain the site due to personal reasons. In January of 2008, the HMOtaku that Xief and Rancher had created was completely lost (due to hosting issues), and Zazabar stepped in again to prop up the community. In late January, he enlisted the aid of a friend who hosted the site for him, and together with Xief he set out to put together yet another version of HMOtaku.

The site was run by Xief and Zazabar, with Glazedmoon designing the layout of the site/forum from 2008 until summer of 2009. At this point, Xief was forced to leave the team due to personal reasons, so Chuck and Mike came along to help keep things together. Post 2010, the site has been managed in part by Shadownami, Yuri, and Chuck. Zazabar is a butt. And here we are. :)

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