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Here at HMO, we realize that with a series as big as Harvest Moon, keeping up with all the latest news, content, etc. is definitely a team effort. Please feel free to participate in any way you want!---whether it's joining our staff, helping with HM info, or just plain giving us some feedback about things. :]

Comments, Criticism, Suggestions

Hearing what you think is always helpful to us, whether it's good or bad or whatever. If you have any criticism, compliments, or want to suggest something, go right ahead. Just relay it to anyone on the Contact page.

Submitting Content

Just like it says: if you see that we’re missing something or you have anything you want to add, or something is incorrect somewhere, just tell us about it! Usually you can just e-mail it to us. Make sure you let us know what part of what section you’re helping with, etc. And for those who are wondering, you will be credited for the help you give—of course.

Join Us!

You're always welcome to help us out long-term and become a staff member. We're open to anything you can help us with, but, as an FYI, content writing is usually where we need the most help.

If you're interested, send an e-mail to our official e-mail:

Here are some things to keep in mind, depending on what it is you want to help out with:

  • English; spelling, grammar; writing skills — This is generally important if you want to write any content for us, and especially important if you’re looking to be a long-term content writer.
  • Coding skills — Important if you’re looking for a techie-type position.
  • Passion for the games — Especially if you want write content; most content writing is silent, diligent, very often unappreciated work. Trust us: it’ll be hard to do the job if you don’t like what you’re doing.
  • Buying the games — If you want to be a content writer; how fast can you get the games after they come out? Do you import them? Knowing Japanese is a plus.
  • Time and Diligence — Self-explanatory. It kind of goes along with passion. Make sure you have enough time to do what you’re offering to, and then make sure you’ll actually do it and won't disappear on us after a couple months. XD

Thanks for your help, everyone. We look forward to hearing from you! :D

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