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What is Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon is a classic video game series that finds its roots in the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) console, for which the first game in the series was released.

The game was developed by Victor Interactive Software, which now continues to make Harvest Moon games under its new name, Marvelous Interactive Inc. The company responsible for localizing Harvest Moon games for the North American release is Natsume.

Harvest Moon is best described as a farming simulation in which the user plays the role of the hero, whose customary name has always been Jack, although the more modern titles have branched off onto other names. Although the more recent titles have offered new, sometimes drastic, changes in plot in order to keep the series fresh, the spirit of the game remains consistent: The player must dutifully tend to livestock, grow crops, interact with townspeople, and find a spouse, as he or she ultimately achieves the dream of a peaceful, prosperous life.

Although the series has been called juvenile on occasion, indeed, numerous fans have been enjoying the longstanding series for more than a decade, right out of their childhood and into adult ages, and many would tell you that probably one of the most appealing parts of a Harvest Moon game is the ability to plan, organize, and then live out your own life, day by day–something that many younger children would likely not have the patience to do.

Over the years, Harvest Moon has steadily developed a strong fan base, becoming popular enough to spawn more than 25 (and still growing) titles across various platforms in North America, and even more so out or slated for release in Japan. - For older games not made anymore - For new Harvest Moon games - For new Harvest Moon games - For new/used Harvest Moon games - For new/used Harvest Moon games

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